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Rabbimap, the GPS of your pilgrimages. Rabbimap is a new tool that locates and steers us until kevarim, graves of Tzadikim and Rabbanim. The application indicates in real times the kevarim nearest. You can choose miles or kilometers in setting's part. You've got with Rabbimap, the location of more than a thousand graves on 35 countries. The application is based on five main geographic areas : Israel, Europe, Morocco, North Africa and Middle East and soon America. - Israel : 400 Kevarim - Europe : 350 - Morocco : 200 - North Africa : 70 - Middle East : 40 Rabbimap allows to get very accurate directions in unknown areas and roads like Morocco or Eastern Europe in small villages. The exact locations of kevarim in the wild or in cities but not again in all cemeteries. Our team located exact locations of big graves like Ezra Hasofer, Yechezkiel or Nachum in Irak and Aaron Hatzadik in Jordania. We have achieved great investigations to find these precise geographical data. Today, we are proud of our work. It's a step for Jewish Technologies. We propose two different GPS : Apple Maps and Google Maps but you can use your GPS for get directions with our app, you can find all these types of information in our manual in Rabbimap. The users of Rabbimap will benefit of a sharing function for publish pics, videos or informations (comments) with the Rabbimap's sphere. Rabbimap wants to become more than a GPS, Rabbimap want to become a community where users share the moments and informations of their pilgrimage. For our masters, our lights, the Tzadikim.